Solar is a sandbox game in which you get to control a large celestial body in space, floating around and drawing other planets or asteroids into its orbit to form your own planetary system. Similar to Osmos and flOw, your star can absorb orbiting objects to grow larger in size and mass. You start off with just a small planet, but by absorbing more planets and asteroids it can grow to become a star or even a destructive and unstoppable black hole.

The trailer also showcases planets growing large enough (by absorbing the smaller asteroids orbiting around them) to encourage the rapid development of civilizations on its surface, to a point where the intelligent lifeforms are able to build defensive turrets and spaceships to defend their home. An intergalactic battle usually ensues when two advanced civilizations from separate systems meet, so it is up to you to either let them fight it out, destroy their home planet by smashing into them, or split and run if the winning odds don't seem too favorable for you.

Solar is set to be released for the Xbox and Windows platforms sometime in early 2011.