I got ya trailers, come get 'em! First we have Immortal Souls, a comic book RPG that combines elements from Final Fantasy, Puzzle Quest and Bejewelled. Looks veeery polished indeed, and RPG fans should definitely take note.

There's a demo available to download for both PC and Mac, and the full game is out on December 1st - you can preorder now for $9.99, saving roughly 33%.

More trailers below the cut!

Mirror is a puzzle platformer that revolves around shifting between different dimensions via mirrors. Objects will behave differently depending on which dimension you're currently in, and mirrors can also sometimes change the main character's shape, allowing him to squeeze through holes.

LabuGames are currently looking for sponsorship, so we can most likely expect a release sometime soon.

Burning Thirst is a demo project created by five students from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, who call themselves the Ninja Monkeys. It's a 3D hack'n'slasher with zombies in it and some kind of boomerang slicer.

You can download the demo build RIGHT NOW - there's no word yet on whether it will continue to be developed.