Space Police on Super Highway 9 is an Xbox Live Indie Game that deserves roughly 16MB worth of space on your Xbox 360 hard drive. You're a new recruit in the Space Police taskforce, patrolling Super Highway 9 and crashing criminals off the road.

As you drive along the highway, you'll catch up to baddies driving recklessly and smashing all over the place. Using your boost and your trusty siren, you can clear the road of all the innocent drivers and plough into the bad guy until he is wrecked. It would be a case of 'repeat until bored', except that as your score ramps up, the roads become far more busy and the number of baddies increases, until you're dodging all over the place and taking down huge KillBuses. Make sure you skip to around halfway through the above video to see just how crazy it can get.

It's really simple yet enjoyable stuff, and the inclusion of a global scoreboard means that you may well want to jump in every now and again and go for the top spot. You'll probably only get a maximum of an hour's worth of play out of it, but the game is just 80 MS Points ($1), which is brillo cheapo. Grab a copy from the Xbox Live Marketplace.