If you're a fan of twitchy platformers, The Deep Cave is definitely worth looking into. The story follows a young boy called Pi who finds a hole full of light and jumps down into a nightmare.

Each screen has obstacles to dodge that become insanely difficult early on - fortunately whenever you die, you'll simply respawn again instantly at the start of the screen. As with the likes of VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy before it, the action can sometimes feel frustrating, but ultimately rewarding whenever you pass a particularly taxing level. The collision detection could do with some work, though - some of the screens are very anger-inducing thanks to baddies that will kill you even when you're clearly not touching them.

A lovely chiptune soundtrack, tons of levels and an 80 MS Points ($1) price tag make this worth checking out. Download from the Xbox Marketplace now, where there is also a demo to play.