Favimon is a take on Pokemon that uses the favourites icons from websites to battle each other. You begin with a set Favimon, and must type urls into the bar at the top to summon other websites to fight and catch.

Each website is analysed and given moves depending on what kind of site it is - as of yet, the game recognises 1460 sites on the net, and for those will pull up special classes and moves. For any site that the game doesn't recognise, it will assign it the 'Normal' class. The game is still in development, so you can expect that plenty more sites will be added to the database over time.

At the moment, there are 230 different classes to find and about 900 named actions, spanning over 28 different types of actions. Sites with a higher prominence in the database will have better stats, and there are even special Favimon to be found that have boosted stats and moves, hence it's worth experimenting to find the best ones. Just don't try to take on Google too early.

Favimon is available to play here.