Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Inside Mac Games: Basilisk Games
"We interviewed Thomas Riegsecker, owner of Basilisk Games, about the importance of his close ties to fans, Eschalon's story, DRM, and what he is planning for Basilisk's next project."

Inside Mac Games: Spiderweb Software
"Jeff Vogel kindly agreed to an interview about the status of Mac gaming, development of Avadon: The Black Fortress, and whether or not he still finds time to play games. Read on to find out."

Big Download: We chat with SuperGiant Games' creative director about Bastion
"Just what is Bastion all about? And what's the deal with the trailer showing the game's levels forming and also disassembling? To get some answers we got Greg Kasavin, SuperGiant Games' creative director to fill us in."

GameSetWatch: Hamlet Dev Announces Big Little Plagiary 3: Made in China
"Russian indie Denis 'Mif2000' Galanin, developer of PC adventure game Hamlet Or Last Game Without MMORPG Elements, Shaders, and Product Placement (coming to Mac and iOS soon), has unveiled another quirkily named project: BLP3, or Big Little Plagiary 3: Made in China."

Ars Technica: Ars looks at indie game pricing
"Indie games are more popular than ever. They compete with mainstream titles that have bigger budgets and more resources for critical acclaim and gamers' spare time. But there's still one place where indie games have it rough: pricing. Ars spoke with several prominent indie developers to learn whether or not the low prices for indie games is having a negative effect on how they're perceived."

GameSetWatch: Mountain Maniac Xmas
"Pixeljam has released a Christmas-themed follow-up to its super addictive Flash game Mountain Maniac. The same crazy, hammer-wielding guy is terrorizing towns by slamming huge boulders down a mountain pachinko-style, except now he's rampaging against Santa Claus and his minions."

Infinite Lives: Loop Raccord
"In Loop Raccord, the player is tasked with finding just the right spot in an animated gif, splicing it there, and then reversing the footage so that it creates an infinite loop. Its no-frills presentation is jarringly ugly. It isn't even fun. And I couldn't stop playing it."

Infinite Lives: A House in California
"A House in California, recently named a nominee for the IGF's coveted Nuovo Award, is all stark white flixels against a black backdrop, in the style of some early 1980s graphic adventure game. Like other good games that toy with their chosen genres, this game demands that the player learn its secret language."

Edge Magazine: Jonathan Blow & Chris Hecker Interview
"Jonathan Blow is now working on a 3D adventure game named The Witness. Chris Hecker's SpyParty sets out to explore hardcore gaming skills within an espionage context that revolves around people-watching. Where do these two titans of indie development see the sector going? We sit down with both of them to find out."