Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net.

Team Meat: Hello from America
"You just might be the guy who designs the cover box for the retail version of Super Meat Boy. That's right, this is a contest for Russian artists who want to show their worth (and win a big awesome monitor)."

Bytejacker: Distance
"Distance is a game by 18-year-old indie dev Austin Breed about a long-distance relationship. This is one of those Ludum Dare submissions that skews more towards being an interactive narrative than a traditional game, but that doesn't make it anything less than great."

Big Download: We chat with Iron Helmet's head about Blight of the Immortals
"Early in 2010 saw the launch of Neptune's Pride, a browser-based space-strategy game from the indie game developer Iron Helmet Games. The game got a lot of critical acclaim and later in 2010 the developer announced plans for a second browser title. Blight of the Immortals combines a fantasy setting with the currently popular zombie theme."

DIYGamer: Why Mainstream Video Game News Sites Makes Me Mad
"I found myself becoming more and more hostile towards the manner in which the mainstream news sites handle their content, and how lopsided it seems to be for mainstream news. I get it, there's a bunch of large video game companies constantly churning out news about the next greatest video game ever made in the history of time and space itself, but come on guys."

GameSetWatch: Molleindustria's Wikileaks Stories Project, Leaky World
"Italian indie Molleindustria, developer of thought-provoking games like Oiligarchy and Every Day The Same Dream, has released Leaky World, an interactive interpretation of Wikileaks spokesman and editor-in-chief Julian Assange's 'Conspiracy as Governance' essay."

GameSetWatch: Gunboy, a Colorful Mega Man-Style 2D Platformer
"Indie developer 'Tennis' has been working off and on for at least a year to build Gunboy, a sidescrolling platformer that features some great artwork and music."

Gryzor87: Pxtone Full Manual
"This manual is dedicated to all videogame lovers and musicians out there. It has ninety-six pages, eighteen songs, fifty-seven examples and ninety-two voices to choose from. There are detailed explanations for songwriting, tips & tricks and recommended stuff as well. Pixel (author of Pxtone) had written the foreword for this manual."

Quote Unquote: CosMind
"Justin Leingang quietly worked behind the scenes on a game that he was passionate about, revealing little to the public about his project before its release. After years, where others may have lost interest and quit, he continued on with an unusually positive and enthusiastic attitude. That game was Glum Buster, and it brought him to the attention of much of the indie community."