In this action-packed installment of the podcast, we hear from three independent game designers based in Los Angeles, California. Matt Gilgenbach is the co-founder of 24 Caret Games, makers of the IndieCade Audience Award-winning rhythm title Retro/Grade, due out on PSN in 2011. Original music is by Skyler McGlothlin of the band Nautilus. Matt also introduces his puzzler A Mobius Proposal, concocted for the purpose of proposing to his then girlfriend, now wife.

Also joining us on the show is Mark Essen, aka Messhof, whose sprite-based indies are regulars on the Adult Swim website. He delves into his collaboration with composer GDFX and motion capture artist Andy Serkis on 2D jousting game Nidhogg, which is IGF-bound in the Nuovo award category. We also hear about the new levels in store for Flywrench and its sound design by musician Jordan Stone.

Last up, we talk with Joshua Nuernberger about his most ambitious point-and-click adventure game to date, Gemini Rue. The neo-noir story-centric title features full voice acting and a music score by Nathan Allen Pinard, coming to PCs with mystery and intrigue aplenty in 2011. As always, many thanks are due to Helsingborg, Sweden-based chiptune composer Magnus "SoulEye" PÃ¥lsson for the podcast theme song. Hear the program on Buzzsprout, via iTunes, or go nuts and subscribe to the RSS feed. Show notes are after the break.

Podcast Links:

Hydorah Original Soundtrack
Retro/Grade and A Mobius Proposal by 24 Caret Games
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BUTTON by Copenhagen Game Collective
Nidhogg and Flywrench by Messhof
Andy Serkis
Gemini Rue by the JBurger

Skyler McGlothlin
Jordan Stone
Greg Fox (GDFX)
Cream Wolf by Pixeljam Games
Mark Denardo
Craig Adams/ Superbrothers
Messhof on Adult Swim
Hellfire and Brimstone
To Stop You Must Die
La Croix Pan
Nathan Allen Pinard