indiegames.PNGAnother week, another spectacular IndieGames podcast, if we do say so ourselves. The always-entertaining Ichiro Lambe is on this week, and boy did we go off on many, many tangents.

Among the wordy words uttered this week, Ichiro provides great insight into indie game marketing, mistakes that indies regularly make, and the types of cheeses that he likes. He also challenges both myself and Tim to come up with a game concept on the spot, and we then evolve the idea of a game in which you play as a tree. This podcast has been proven to provide 98% of listeners with uncontrollable laughter.

You know the drill by now - jump below the cut to listen to the podcast, or you can jump over here and listen instead. You like iTunes? Of course you don't, but it's available on there too (you know, in case you're mental). And finally, there is an RSS feed you can subscribe to, if you like being fed. Go listen!

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Once again thanks to Souleye for the intro/outro musiques!