supertofuboy.jpg[Update: Team Meat have hit back at PETA by - get this - adding Super Tofu Boy as a playable character in the PC version of Super Meat Boy. Wow indeed.]

"Vegetarians make better lovers", apparently. Yes, you know you've made it big when animal rights organisation PETA parody your game for their own salad-chopping means, and this time they have turned their attention to Super Meat Boy.

Super Tofu Boy follows the exploits of Tofu Boy as he tries to save Bandage Girl from the evil, meaty Meat Boy. Gameplay is similar to the recently released splat-em-up, as are the visuals, characters, bandages, logo etc. The game screams 'tips' at you during play, including "Not only is Tofu Boy sexy, he tastes good too!" and "[email protected] Meat Boys bad breath.". It's charming stuff.

Of course, if PETA had done their homework and listened to the IndieGames Super Meat Boy podcast, they'd know that Meat Boy is in fact not edible meat, and therefore their message is rather wasted. Oh, they also completely skip over Dr. Fetus and fail to mention him, even though he pops up on the title screen. I wonder why that is?

You should play this anyway for the shits and giggles. [Source]