In the latest IndieGames podcast, John Graham - co-founder of Wolfire Games and co-organiser of the Humble Indie Bundle - revealed that we can expect more from the bundle later in the week.

"We don't want to do the same thing every time" said Graham, "but we have some ideas for fun things we could do. I can't reveal what those might be yet, but we have at least one crazy idea that we're going to reveal a little later on in the week."

Asked whether there was the chance that an extra game would be added to the bundle (as happened with the first bundle), he replied "That is definitely something that seems really fun to everybody, so I think we might look for those opportunities. If we can find a good game to do that with, that'd be awesome. So I'd recommend keeping your eye on the Humble Indie Bundle site... something might happen."

John Graham also discussed bringing the original bundle back again, and what he hopes to be included in future bundles - jump below the cut to read on.

When questioned about resurrecting the original bundle for those who missed it the first time around, Graham replied "We'd have to talk to the developers about that and make sure they'd be OK with it, but it's definitely something to consider."

He also revealed that future bundles are a definite, and when asked which games he'd like to see included in a third bundle, he said "Well Minecraft is huge, right? If we could do something with them, that'd be fantastic.", before adding that he'd love to get Super Meat Boy and Heroes of Newerth too.

Make sure you listen to the whole podcast for even more insights into how the selection process happens, and how the idea for the bundles came about in the first place.