On with our look at the Indie Games Winter Uprising releases, and the latest to land on your Xbox Live Dashboard is Soulcaster 2, a sequel to the original fantasy dungeon crawler. You control a mage who cannot attack enemies directly, but must instead summon guardians to keep watch over him.

Each guardian has a particular skill - one is great at close combat, another is good for long-range fighting, and the firey guardian throws flames around and explodes when dying, causing damage to all around. You can place down all three guardians at the same time - and even place multiple of the same type of guardian - hence the idea is to position them in the best places possible. So for example, it's usually a good idea to put your meleeing friend at the front and summon the other two for backup.

It's initially difficult to get into - unless you've played the original, of course - but definitely worth sticking at, with some great set-pieces later into the game. The story is also enjoyable to follow, and doesn't require that you played the original game.

Soulcaster 2 is available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace for just 240 MS points ($3). There's also a free demo to try out.