Echo Bazaar is a browser-based adventure that is currently in the beta stages. You play as a prisoner who escapes from a tower in Fallen London and begins to explore the murky city. Along the way, you'll find missions and quests to complete depending on the skills you choose to improve on.

You'll need to fulfil a number of requirements to begin with, finding a place to live, choosing your main goal, and buying some clothes so you don't stand out so much. As you complete actions, your candle in the corner will burn down, and you'll have to wait a few minutes before you can do anything else (although there are certain other ways to get your candle burning properly again).

An interesting story to casually follow along with while doing other more important things me thinks. You'll need a Facebook or Twitter account to sign up and play, although you'll never be forced to post anything to either. Head over to the Echo Bazaar site to check it out.