House of Dead Ninjas is a procedural-generated action game in which you play as an assassin who has to break into a near-imprenetrable tower. The only way in is through the roof, so you'll have to make your way down from one level to another until you've reached the base of the building.

There are usually only one or two holes on the floor for you to slip through and descend down a level, although occasionally you'll find that a bomb is required to destroy a blocked exit. Both explosives and shurikens are limited in quantity, but these stocks are easily replenished by acquiring the right items inside the tower.

Besides blowing up your enemies into pieces, you can also dispatch them using your sword or stab them from above with a downward thrust. Try to collect the time increase power-up as regularly as you can, since you will lose a life whenever the timer shown at the bottom right side of the screen reaches zero.

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