Do you ever get the feeling that a game is laughing at you? Every time I die in Super Spike Dislike, I get this image in my head of the game rolling on the floor, tears streaming down its face, red-faced with laughter.

But hell, do I keep playing. Super Spike Dislike is so simple, yet so utterly addictive. You press right to make a ball bounce over and under a series of spikeballs, and if you touch one, you lose. Along the way, if you manage to string together a combo of bounces, you'll receive some firepower which can be used to shoot the mines down, earning you even more points.

There are two paths to play through, along with a randomly generated path. You can also login and upload your scores through the game, and see how terrible you are compared to everyone else. Well... maybe that's just me.

Don't let the sketchy visuals fool you - this one is magic. Give it a download from The Jayenkai Archive for PC, Mac or Linux.