It's about time! The excellent adventure game Gemini Rue is dropping next month for PC, and will be available as both a download and a limited edition CD version. I wondered why it was taking so long to get the game out, but the mystery is over - it's now got voice acting! VOICE ACTING! I am far too excited.

We first played the game back when it was an IGF Student Showcase winner in 2010 (and had the unpronounceable name Boryokudan Rue), and hopefully it hasn't changed too much since then, as that version was wonderful. The story follows an ex-cop called Azriel Odin and prisoner Delta-Six, as their futuristic lives become entangled. While the majority of the game plays out in classic point-and-click style, there are also plenty of action scenes during which your character can bite the bullet.

The downloadable version of the game will be available on February 24th for $14.99, and there will also be a special CD edition for $24.99. Check out the official site for more details, and to pre-order the game.

Jump below the cut to check out some of the gorgeous art.