Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

NowGamer: 2011's Best Indie Games
"We run down the indie world's big hitters in 2011: Retro City Rampage, Journey, Rock of Ages, Spelunky, Bastion, Explodemon!, The Witness, Fez, Pixeljunk Lifelike and Black Mesa."

Lexaloffle: Voxel Music Man
"A few people asked about the music used in the Voxatron preview trailer, so here's a copy in mp3 format and the original .xm. Note that it was written with the trailer in mind, so it's quite short."

MTV Multiplayer: Desktop Dungeous Is One Of The Best Free Games I've Ever Played
"Desktop Dungeons is not a looker. In fact, at a glance, you could easily assume that the game came out in 1987. But despite its throwback graphics, it's one of the most devious, insanely clever games I've played in a while, and considering it's freeware, there's really no reason why you shouldn't play it too."

The Bottom Feeder: Three Reasons Creators Should Never Read Their Forums
"it is usually a bad idea for creators to visit online forums discussing them and their work. It doesn't lead to happy ends. Managing fans is real work, and picking out the realistic and worthwhile comments takes a ton of time and judgment."

Gamasutra: Anders Gustafsson Talks About The Dream Machine
"What first began as a somewhat standard interview later developed into a full-blown textual exchange about clay, animation, the difficulty of programming and how video game journalists love long, ranty replies to their questions."

Frictional Games: Four months after Amnesia's release
"According to Frictional Games' co-founder Thomas Grip, Amnesia's sales have exceeded 200,000 units across online and Russian retail sales, doubling the company's original sales estimates of 100,000 units."

Kotaku: Why Minecraft Is Popular
"Minecraft was the undisputed indie success story of 2010. It's got an iconic look, it's widely accessible, it allows gamers to create their own stories, and perhaps most engrossing of all, has an initial simplicity and ease of play that quickly gives way to a complexity as deep as the mines you'll soon find yourself digging."

Quote Unquote: Jonathan Whiting
"Jonathan Whiting was made redundant from a job in the mainstream videogaming industry. Because of this, he is contemplative of making that big leap of faith - the one to become a full time indie. His list of works thus far include (but are not limited to) Jed, Isles of Color and crushd."

metablog: Happy N Year
"This is the year of the new version of N. We're well on our way - we're already done updating and rewriting the core game, so here's the list of what's left."