Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Dev.Mag: Skills to become a game developer
"Dev.Mag asked a few South African game developers what they thought were the most important skills that budding game developers should strive to develop."

The Witness: The Island Today
"Here's your Island snapshot for the end of January. Recently, we've been mostly working on things you can't see, but you may notice some subtler differences in terms of buildings / structures."

Quote Unquote: Glen Forrester
"Glen Forrester has been developing videogames for many years. As is the case with many developers in his position, he wanted to try living off his creations and see where it took him. After the success of Enough Plumbers, the future is looking bright."

Gamasutra: Bugfest Postmortem
"We'ew covering the main challenges and roadblocks we encountered during the development of Bugfest, ranging from game design and technical performances to marketing woes. In the conclusion, We will also reflect upon our goals and achievements with this project and share some extra tips and takeaways that we collected throughout the development period."

Fire Hose Games: Slam Bolt Scrappers hitting PSN in March
"It has been a long and winding road but we're happy to announce today that Slam Bolt Scrappers will be coming to the PlayStation Network in March. If you've been following us these past two years you know how much hard work we've put into this and how much fine tuning we've been doing."

Gamasutra: Rolando Creator Simon Oliver On Okabu's Journey To PSN
"John Polson talks to Simon Oliver of Rolando creator HandCircus, who is now targeting PlayStation Network with the cloud-flying heroes of Okabu, a co-op puzzle-platformer set in a colorful toy box world."

Indie Superstar: Ant Hive Games on China's Indie Scene and The Line
"The developers behind The Line have an extensive list of past professional gaming development projects, and their passion to pursue and realize a very creative dream is evident in The Line's gameplay and design. The team also has high aspirations for inspiring an 'indie' ethic to Chinese students of the game craft."

Indie Games Channel: PaperPlane's Team on Game Development and Nature Rides
"The team behind PaperPlane is comprised of a group of students at ENJMIN, one of France's premier graduate schools for games and interactive media. The team was not only happy to share their experience on creating the game, but also how nature played into the game's inspiration, the importance of team comradery, and the team's plans for the future."