Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Gamasutra: The Reasons Behind SpyParty
"In a feature-length interview with Gamasutra, SpyParty developer Chris Hecker expresses frustration with indies who stick to by-the-numbers game designs. Hecker expressed dismay that indies sometimes act as risk-averse as major publishers with huge overheads, creating games in established genres rather than experimenting."

DIYgamer: A Neophytes Guide to Touhou
"If the rags-to-riches, one-man indie success story of the western world is Minecraft, then the eastern equivalent is undoubtedly the long-running Touhou series. Who is ZUN? Why are there so many frilly hats? How on earth are you meant to dodge all those bullets? In writing this, I hope to lay out the basics here, and make the series (and now-sprawling franchise in general) a little more friendly and accessible."

Edge Magazine: The Cloning Of Desktop Dungeons
"League Of Epic Heroes, which retails at £1.19 in the UK App Store, is a copy of Desktop Dungeons' core systems. In all important respects, they are identical - the same mechanics, character classes, spells and progression system. It has original WOW-derived character art and its own spriteset. It's a root-to-branch copy."

GameSetWatch: Chris Schlarb's NightSky Soundtrack Now Available
"The full NightSky soundtrack, which was written, arranged, and composed by Chris Schlarb, is available to stream for free or purchase on Bandcamp for just $5. Many of the album's songs are under a minute long, but there are 40 ambient tracks in total for you to lose yourself in."

Kotaku: You Can Now Bring The Real World To Minecraft
"Putting together a Minecraft creation just got easier, with a Kinect hack able to transform data captured by the Xbox 360's camera into landscapes in the game. Nathan Viniconis has figured out a way to take the depth and colour data Kinect is able to pick up from a 3D space and get Minecraft to work out how to recreate the image as a collection of the game's trademark tiles."

Indie Superstar: An Interview with Revenge's Mark Leung
"Mark Leung is founding father of Uglysoft, and he's trying to build a game brand associated with parody, ridiculous epicness, and the icon of Mark Leung. Parody games with good production values are rare in the games industry - it's hard to do it right, but he thinks he's figured out how."

GamerBytes: Ace Team On Zeno Clash And Rock Of Ages
"In 2010 Ace Team ported Zeno Clash to the Xbox Live Arcade with the help of Atlus, and in 2011 they'll be bringing their new title Rock of Ages to both XBLA and PSN. We spoke to Carlos Bordeu of ACE Team about their experience on the platforms."

Adventure Classic Gaming: Andrew Plotkin Interview
"Andrew Plotkin speaks about his obsession with IF, the inspirations behind his games, his decision to become a commercial IF developer, his opinion of the current state of IF, and what holds in the future for him and his game projects."