I've been waiting impatiently to post up this Minecraft mod, as it hasn't worked with the latest update until today. Mo' Creatures adds a plethora of new animals and creatures to your Minecraft world, with a mixture of those that will attack you, some you can ride, and even animals that will fight amongst themselves.

Creatures included in the mod include the above Werewolves (that are humans during the day!), birds (to which you can feed seeds), foxes, lions, bears, ogres, ducks, bunnies, and many more. There are also a wide range of different horses you can find, which must first be tamed, and then can be ridden. Even flying ones!

Lovely, amazing, excellent, insert more complimentary words here. You can download the mod from the Minecraft forums, where there are also instructions on how to get the mod working, and plenty more details. Jump below the cut for even more videos of the mod in action.