Star Castle is a remake of an arena shooter from 1980, originally developed by Cinematronics. There is a turret in the middle of the playing arena, and the idea is to shoot away the shields around it, exposing and destroying the core.

Sounds simple, but in fact it's mighty difficult. The turret fires out small laser balls constantly that you can shoot down, but will kill you in one hit. If you sit in the same place for just a second or two, the turret will also fire out a quick blast in your direction, again taking you down in one hit. While destroying the shields, if you take out too much of a shield from all directions, it will be replaced by another one - hence, the idea is to destroy only one side of each shield. That's a tough job, since all three shields are spinning!

The default controls are pretty horrible (Alt to move, Ctrl to shoot), but you can alter them in the options. There are online leaderboard for those so inclined. Download Star Castle from