Marcus Richert brought the above game trailer to my attention, and after I'd heard the story behind the game, there was no way I wasn't posting it up. Koruruto no Saji Akuma (roughly translated to "Koruruto's Spoon Demon") follows the tale of a friendly witch called Koruruto and her Spoon Demon. I really do hope that's the final translation.

The Spoon Demon can turn anything it touches into candy. There's a nasty queen who wants the Spoon Demon all to herself (I mean, who wouldn't), so she sends waves of enemies to steal the Spoon Demon and kill Koruruto. Players control the Spoon Demon (I'm going to say Spoon Demon as many times as I possibly can) via the mouse, while Koruruto is controlled with the keyboard, and both shoot down as many baddies as they can. The Spoon Demon must protect Koruruto from being killed.

It looks absurd, and I very much like absurd. No release date as of yet, but we'll keep you posted. There's an official page that you can Google Translate all over if you so choose.