I'm a sucker for Sushi Cat. It's probably the hypnotic jiggling of his belly, or perhaps the silly story between worlds. The original Sushi Cat was Peggle with cats and sushi, and Joey Betz, in a quest to release a sequel to every single game he's ever made (probably), has now released Sushi Cat 2.

Drop the cat, and he'll eat sushi on the way down. You don't have any control over where he goes, so instead you sit back and watch him fill up, squeezing through gaps and growing to humongous proportions. It's hilarious, fun and exactly what we need for a lazy weekend. There are plenty of cute costumes to unlock too, if you can grab all the golden sushi.

I don't even like sushi, but I do like this game. Sushi Cat 2 is over at Armor Games.