High Tea is a casual trading game where you play as a smuggler trying to meet Britain's demands for a rare commodity during the early 19th century: tea. There is an abundance of tea in China, but the only goods that the Chinese are interested in trading with is opium. This is where you come in. Players must ship opium illegally from Bengal to China, then purchase enough tea from the Chinese to meet the demands of the British nation throughout the ten years of their trade at sea before retirement.

You start out with just one ship to send out to any port that signals an opium supply request, so you'll need to plan your shipping route in order to maximize profit with limited resources. Prices of both trade goods fluctuate too, meaning that you'll have to play the prudent merchant by buying low and selling high at the most opportunistic moments.

High Tea can be found hosted at Wellcome Collection's site and Kongregate.