Collapse It cannot, in any way, be remotely politically correct; it's a physics game about demolition and squashing as many innocent civilians as possible. In spite of the possible sensitivity of the subject, Collapse It is actually fun in a somewhat disturbing some of way, something that might have a lot to do with Smirdis's gift for morbid humor, something he exhibited previously in his Gibbets collection.

As I've mentioned earlier, Smirdis's new title revolves around using a variety of explosive devices to extinguish the unwitting bystanders in each level. Like in all good physics games, there's only a finite amount of bombs at your disposal; you'll have to use your wits in order to determine how best to commit genocide. Collapse It features a fair degree of cartoon blood but the death animations mostly border on the ludicurous rather than the shocking. Once or twice, you might see a sliver of granite slice through a person's head but really, it's mostly fun and pixelated death.

To play the game, you can head on over here to poke at it at Armor Games.