0Space is a hotseat-only multiplayer game that supports up to four players on the same PC, created by Beau Blyth (developer of Shoot First and Action Fist) for TIGSource's versus-themed game development jam. The first public release features eight maps to play with, a variety of match setup options, a button configuration menu and a pretty impressive replay recording function that can be used to save your favourite battles.

The objective of the game is basically to shoot everyone else and be the last one standing over a number of rounds. Some of the levels are designed to be closed areas, while others may not have any boundaries and walls to prevent you or your opponent from floating away into space when there's no ground to land on. If you're suspended in mid-air after a botched jump, you can always fire a shot to propel yourself towards safety.

Both the melee and ranged weapon are mapped to the same button, and you'll automatically switch between the two depending on whether your gun is loaded or not. There's also a limit to how many grenades you can carry per round, since they're pretty powerful and have a tendency to end a game very quickly when someone isn't careful. Pressing down and the grenade button simultaneously places a mine on the floor to catch unsuspecting opponents.

0Space can be downloaded from Teknogames. (Windows, 5.46MB)