Inspired by Rob Fearon's SYNSO2: Squid Harder, Neon Lights is an arena shooter with a multitude of glowing neon lights and explosions of colour. As enemies attack, you need to surge towards them and turn at the last moment, allowing your firepower to wipe them all out.

You can only shoot in the direction you're currently moving, much like the aforementioned SYNSO. The ship movement is the oddity here, as it spins as it changes direction and feels very strange indeed. There are plenty of game modes that offer different takes on the action, from Score Attack to Survival. There's also a Draw mode that was inspired by the classic UK children's show Hartbeat, that will let you draw all sorts of pretty patterns and manipulate them - see just below the cut for an example.

One to four players action on a single keyboard, and plenty of fun. Go give it a download from Niall's site.