Joshua Nuernberger's IGF 2010 Student Showcase winning entry Gemini Rue (formerly Boryokudan Rue) will be released later today, but you can start playing the demo now, hosted exclusively by FileFront. This 2D adventure game set sometime in the future tells the story of two men -- an ex-assassin named Azriel and a prisoner in a research facility known as Delta-Six. Only Azriel is playable in the trial version, although you'll still get a couple of glimpses into Delta-Six's captivity during the intro sequence and just right before the demo ends.

The downloadable version of Gemini Rue is priced at $14.99, and you can purchase the limited edition CD (ships worldwide) that comes with the MP3 soundtrack and digital download link for $24.99. Check back with us soon for our full review of the game.