Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Gamasutra: Minecraft and the Question of Luck
"In this Gamasutra opinion piece, London-based lead designer and producer Tadhg Kelly looks at the indie PC hit Minecraft and what makes the unusual title such a success."

Metanet Software Inc: A Quick Note
"We have decided to start a secret project, part of which requires us to get a few small things printed every year. This year, due to an oversight by the printer, we have some extras. If you'd like to receive a special limited-edition card from Metanet this year via snail-mail, email your mailing address to us and we'll send you one."

GamerBytes: Twisted Pixel Announce The Gunstringer
"So Twisted Pixel are big enough to work on two projects at once now -- Ms. Splosion Man is the first, and now we have their second -- a Kinect title called The Gunstringer. The game will feature both side scrolling platforming action as well as dual-wielding Rez-styled gameplay, all while using a skeletal man as a marionette."

Indie Game The Movie: Want to see IGTM in your town?
"We would love to tour the film in theatrical venues and hold community screening events. We want to do it right - a theatre, post-screening Q & A, community get togethers and unique screening bonuses. We are starting to put feelers out to people and associations that would like to see an IGTM screening in their town."

GameSetWatch: Monaco's Original Game Design Document
"The document outlines Monaco's basic concepts, character creation and customization, mission flow, assets, and more. It also describes RPG elements that were eventually cut after Schatz decided it would be easier to balance set characters without them."

Wolfire Games: Counterfeit Lugaru on Apple's App Store
"You may recall that two weeks ago we added Lugaru HD to the Mac App Store for $9.99, so you can imagine our surprise when we saw it listed on the Mac store for only $0.99. When we looked into it further, we saw that it was uploaded and sold by someone we had never heard of."

Game Developers Conference: Rapid-Fire Indies
"Rapid-Fire Indies is a series of short, exquisite talks by notable indie game creators like Chris Hecker, Markus Persson and Petri Purho. Come experience different points of view on games, art, technology, and the future presented by an all-star cast of international friends."

Gamasutra: Queens - A Story In Four Screens
"Queens is a 2D platformer created for one of those Ludum Dare challenges; a bite-sized game done in three days and based on the theme 'domestic violence'. Left in a rather unpleasant-looking dungeon, your goal is to escape the four screens the game is comprised of, a difficult task given the amount of traps festooning the place."

Adventure Gamers: Gemini Rue hands-on
"If you're into gritty sci-fi adventures set in bleak, dystopian futures, you'll want to keep an eye out for the upcoming Gemini Rue. The first commercial game by UCLA undergraduate student Joshua Nuernberger following several freeware adventures, Gemini Rue was an Independent Game Festival Student Showcase winner in 2010."