Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, and interviews with developers from around the 'net.

GamesRadar: Cave Story remake for 3DS
"Cave Story, the 2D indie darling that started life as a free PC game in 2004, is headed to the 3DS. Cave Story 3D will be a full-fledged remake of the original, with new content, character designs and fully 3D visuals."

Gamasutra: Charlie Knight On Scoregasm
"Gamasutra's Simon Parkin caught up with Charlie Knight, who left his job as a gardener in 2006 to make games for a living, just as his fourth and most ambitious title, shoot 'em up Scoregasm nears completion."

Indie Games Channel: Christoffer Hedborg on Toys and Future Plans
"Toys is a browser-based title that has players using their sense of perspective to solve color and shape-based puzzles. Christoffer Hedborg was kind enough to talk to us about Toys, seven-day development cycles, and his future plans."

Gamasutra: Apple Pulls Counterfeit Lugaru From Mac App Store
"A week after Wolfire Games complained about a Mac App Store game using its Lugaru assets without permission, Apple has finally pulled the game from its marketplace. The studio is offering to give anyone who purchased the game an authentic version of Lugaru HD and a bonus Steam key for free."

Alistair Doulin's Blog: Working From Home As An Indie
"Many of my game developer friends have started working full-time from home in the past few months, partly because of all the game studios shutting down in our city recently. This entry is a list of tips I use to be as productive as I can while striking a good work-life balance."

Bit Blot: Looking for Testers for Aquaria iPad
"Aquaria for iPad has hit Alpha two, thanks to the work of the very talented Andrew Church. We're going to be looking for play testers very soon."

Cipher Prime: The Road Ahead
"We've signed a deal with indiePub, who helped us get Auditorium on PS3, to get Fractal ported to the iPad, PC and Mac platforms. Our goal is to release at least three cross-platform games in 2011."