The Blocks Cometh is a bit like that nightmare where you're in a game of Tetris, and all the blocks are falling down to crush you, and you need to clamber up them and make sure not to get trapped. Anyone? Just me? Oh well.

Blockman has some skills up his sleeve, from double jumping to reach great heights, and his trusty laser gun for tight situations. He can also grind and wall jump off the side of blocks - even blocks that are still falling. If he just splatted or falls too far off the bottom of the screen, then it's all over.

There are online high scoreboards via OpenFeint, extra characters will different abilities, and some pretty interesting achievements to bag that put restrictions on how you play the game - for example, getting the 'climb 150m without using your weapon' is entertaining and frustrating in equal measure, thanks to the randomness of the drops.

The Blocks Cometh is for iPhone and iPad and will set you back $1.99 from the App Store. There's also a free browser version to try out, although it doesn't feel as tight.