Tom Sennett of RunMan and When the Bomb Goes Off indie fame has a new experience for you to try out, if you're available tonight and have a few friends to help you out. Coordinate Quest is an online competitive team race to find a bunch of muffins before any other teams get there first.

At 6pm EST tonight, the game will go live via the official site and you'll find a link supplied. Each person will then be placed randomly in a world, with a grid over the top. The idea is for everyone in your team to spread out, find all the muffins and record the grid references. However, the site says that there are "obstacles which can only be overcome by skill, cunning, and coordination" - in other words, it sounds like you may need to stick together in certain places to pass certain objects.

The first team to contact Tom with all the muffin coordinates wins. If you want to get involved, find a few friends, sign up on the Facebook page, and then be ready to play at 6pm EST (11pm GMT).