Point-and-click adventure master Amanita Design has revealed what its currently working on - and it turns out that the guys are rather busy. In an interview with the lovely people at PC Gamer, details regarding three new games are divulged.

Osada is an interactive music video that is looking rather psychedelic, and will be landing in your web browser in the next couple of weeks for free. Next up is Botanicula, a more traditional point-and-clicker featuring five creatures who set out to save their home land from evil. That's due out by the end of the year.

But here's the big one - Samorost 3 is also on the way, and is promised to be bigger and more polished than the previous releases. There are no screenshots or release date as of yet, although it's believed that the game is at least two whole years away from release. Yikes.

The final chunk of Amanita Design news is regarding 2009's robot adventure game Machinarium. The devs have confirmed that the game is currently being ported over to PlayStation 3, after originally being rejected by Microsoft for Xbox 360. Read up on our review to see why you should care.

Jump below the cut for screenshots from Osada and Botanicula.