Interlocked is a lovely block-shifting puzzler game that is both calming and anger-inducing in equal measures. There are various 3D shapes coupled together, and your task is to simply pull them all apart.

Once you've span around the shape and worked out your first move, you can then hit the space bar and start pulling it all apart. Initially it's easy enough, but rather quickly it becomes very difficult indeed, as blocks just don't seem to want to budge and edge into position, no matter how many times you bash them forward and back. Fortunately, if you find yourself getting stuck, you can skip to the next puzzle and try that one instead.

There's also a challenge mode, which gives you a star rating based on how fast you are and how many moves you use - although once you've worked out a solution, you can simply go and do it again quickly, so it's a little silly. Still very much worth playing however - give it a try at Newgrounds. (Cheers Markus, you lovely person!)