A sequel to the original block-swapper by Polygon Gmen, Transmover: New Generation provides thousands of new puzzles to pull your hair out to.

The idea is that your little guy must grab the key and exit through the door on each level. However, he can only climb up steps that are one block high, hence sometimes he may need to move surrounding blocks around or shift his own position. Armed with a laser, he can shoot at green blocks to swap places with them. It's a clever concept that makes for some insanely difficult puzzles, especially later on.

The main campaign has 100 levels to play through, but that's not the end. There's a level editor for creating your own conundrums, which can then be uploaded for others to play. There are currently thousands of levels available to play online, so you may find yourself losing a good few hours to this game.

Make sure to give this a try (you can select English from the Options menu), and while you're at it, why not check out Glen Forrester's Ssshifty from last year too - it follows the same concept. (Cheers Marcus!)