Konjak has a number of abandoned games that we'd all like to see him finish one day. One such game is Ivory Springs, of which the incomplete version was released back in 2009. The Iconoclasts is Konjak taking another stab at the title, but it sounds like unfortunately he once again won't be going any further.

The general level layout is barely recognisable from the original release, while graphically it's... well, a bloody work of art. Absolutely gorgeous. There's also a little bit extra added onto the end of where the last version left off.

From his blog post, it sounds like he's stuck in a bit of a rut, and also running a little low on cash. Hopefully the positive comments that he will surely receive regarding this latest release will help raise his spirits, as it would be a serious shame to lose such a wonderful developer. Download The Iconoclasts from his site.