locomalito's new release Viriax is a procedural-generated 2D arcade game set inside a human body, where you must guide a deadly virus from organ to organ as you make your way towards a medical research chip called N.A.S. (Nanobot Assembly System) located somewhere inside the host's brain. Along with the chip, scientists have planted a variety of tiny nanobot machinaries inside each organ in hopes that they will be enough to stop the rapid spread of the virus and cure their patient.

The virus loses a bit of energy after every jump in mid-air (there's no penalty for attempting a jump from a flat surface), so health must be replenished constantly by consuming the red cells that float freely or are left behind by the enemies that you defeat. Besides being able to float around, you can also dive downwards and infect or damage any living object or cell that lies below the virus. Power up items can be found inside blinking cells, although you might want to avoid collecting any grey-coloured specials that will only cause detrimental effects to the player.

Each of the six main stages features eighty short levels to play through, and a guardian boss has to be beaten at every twentieth floor before you are allowed to proceed further with your mission. Completing one of the main stages and successfully infecting a core cell will reward you with a permanent ability, and you can acquire up to half a dozen of these to use during your adventure.

Viriax is available to download from locomalito's site. (Windows, 2.66MB)