[Update: Wow, you guys like mooing huh? The winning moo was in fact 'moooooo' with 6 'o's, and the winners are Bitterkoekj, Aaron and Xawix! Cheers for playing people.]

I've been playing a little too much Cow Trouble the last few days, and having plenty of fun with it. Who would have guessed that knocking cows out of the clouds with bowling balls would be so entertaining?

Developer Justin Leingang has kindly thrown three promo codes for the game our way, hence we're going to dish them out to you guys. If you'd like to win a free copy of the game, all you have to do is guess how long my cow's moo is. Does he go mooo, or does he let out a slightly longer mooooo? The number of 'o's is somewhere between two (moo) and six (moooooo), so give me a moo in the comments below, and the first three people to guess right will grab the free codes!

Before you enter, please note: You need to supply your email address for us to send the code to - don't worry, your email won't be displayed publicly. Also, only one entry per person please - anyone guessing multiple times will be disqualified! The competition will run until all three codes have been won.