Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. Title quote suggested by Dan Silvers. (image source)

Teknogames: Pixothello
"Pixothello is a pixelling program used to make tilesets quickly. It also has animation features to easily test spritesheets for flashpunk games."

Frictional Games: Birth of a Monster
"The following article outline the process of creating a creature model from scratch for our first person horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It will go through the basic thinking that went into the design of the enemy, how the concept images where made, how the mesh was built and finally how it was put into the game."

Andy Moore: SteamBirds: Survival, By the Numbers
"SteamBirds has now made approximately $45,000 USD including various sitelocks and licenses, and to this day is still generating more business. I'm fairly confident that the original SB is going to make money for a long time." 8 Most Intriguing Game Trailers From PAX East
"Dozens of indie developers gave crowds a chance to try their games at the Penny Arcade Expo last weekend. When we weren't gawking at cosplayers or hosting well-attended panels, Chris Kohler and I bounced around the show floor testing games both big and small. Here are eight of our favorite games from PAX East 2011."

GameSetWatch: Dino Run SE Releasing In The Coming Weeks
"Indie developer Pixeljam Games announced that Dino Run SE, an expansion of that addictive Flash game in which you're a sprinting dinosaur trying to outrun an approaching wall of doom, will launch in the next week or two."

Joystiq: See what's being crafted for Minecraft documentary donors
"2 Player Productions' Minecraft: The Story of Mojang has raised $160,269 through Kickstarter so far. You still have through March 26 to throw additional funds into 2PP's war chest to help get the film made -- and 2PP has some pretty convincing reasons for you to do so."

GameSetWatch: State of Play Games Interview, First lume Gameplay Trailer
"Katherine and Luke of State of Play Games are very excited about their next major project, the puzzle adventure game lume, which they will release soon on PC and Mac. They offered an exclusive sneak peak at the in-game play, where the paper created models come to life and the puzzles seem to fit the context of the story."

Tomopop: Creeper wind-up toy among Minecraft documentary fundraiser's gifts
"2 Player Productions spent the past month raising funds for their new documentary called Minecraft: The Story of Mojang. The good news is that you can still donate and help give them a bigger budget, as well as pick up the gifts, for the next four days."