Today's collection of independent game links includes more indie game previews, a couple of development updates, the usual round-up of interviews with developers from around the 'net. (image source)

Another Castle: Brandon Boyer Interview
"Brandon Boyer (chairman of the IGF) sits down to talk with us about his long, off and on relationship with games, as well as how he got his job. He also shares his thoughts about the independent game scene, and as well as his hopes for the future of the IGF."

Jonas Kyratzes: The Making of The Book of Living Magic, Part One
"The Book of Living Magic is an independent point and click adventure game by Jonas and Verena Kyratzes, with music by Helen Trevillion. We aim to finish in the next few days. These videos document the creation of the game."

Gamasutra: Snobbery Aside, Or How I Learned to Love the Indie
"In this Gamasutra column, Connor Cleary shares the experiences that led him to love the indie gaming scene, and encourages others to join him in supporting the indie innovators."

Gamasutra: Jason Rohrer's Chain World Meets Controversy
"Jason Rohrer won the 2011 Game Design Challenge at GDC with Chain World, a concept that involved passing along a USB stick containing a Minecraft mod. After having built the mod, he passed it onto an audience member to kick the chain off. Since then, that audience member has decided to use Chain World to support a charity, and that decision's stirring controversy in the developer community."

reddit: I made the game QWOP, ask me anything
"I don't consider QWOP all that hard. I can get halfway to the finish line, which is a hell of a lot further than I can get in Defender, or Pacman, or Pitfall, or just about any other score-based game. Ask me anything, but I make no guarantees about answering everything."

Bytejacker: Swimming Under Clouds Preview (video)
"An interview with Yacine Salmi, founder of Piece of Pie studios, about their upcoming PC/Console game, Swimming Under Clouds. The game has a very heavy Yoshi's Island vibe, but with some serious physics modeling. Since Yacine used to be a developer over at Havok, that makes a lot of sense."

Bytejacker: Danny Baranowsky Interview (audio)
"We talked to Danny Baranowsky (composer of the soundtracks for games like Super Meat Boy, Canabalt, Gravity Hook, and Steambirds) about his influences, his creative process, and how his career has developed over the last couple years."