indiegames.PNGThe podcast is back... again! But for good this time, we promise. There's no guest indie developer this week, as those developers who we had planned to talk to are currently attending GDC. Instead of waiting yet another week, however, me and Tim thought ahhh heck, why not do just the two of us.

The main bulk of this week's podcast is our IGF discussion. With the awards ceremony happening tomorrow, we offer our predictions as to who will pick up the prizes. We also discuss other goings-on in the world of, including a couple of under-wraps revelations.

You know the drill by now - jump below the cut to listen to the podcast, or you can jump over here and listen instead. You like iTunes? Of course you don't, but it's available on there too (you know, in case you're mental). And finally, there is an RSS feed you can subscribe to, if you like being fed. Go listen!

Podcast Links

Game Developers Conference
IGF 2011 Finalists

Thanks once again to Souleye for the intro/outro music.