Forget-Me-Not is a retro-style arcade game in which you get to control a blocky avatar inside procedurally-generated levels, eating pellets (or flowers, as they are known as here) for points and collecting a gold key to unlock the exit which appears after you've acquired all of the flowers on screen. Monsters will try and shoot or hurt you through contact if you allow them to, and the game will end if you lose all of your lives as indicated by the red counter on the top right corner of your display. Fortunately you can shoot back at them with your own weapon, but try to avoid contact with your own projectiles because they do not differentiate between damaging a friend or a foe.

Similar to Pac-Man, corridor exits that trail off the edge of a screen can be used to travel from one end of a map to another quickly. Health can be restored by collecting green potions, while the red ones double your firepower when acquired. A special bonus is awarded to the player if they manage to collect flowers in an unbroken sequence, but do be quick with clearing every maze because a ghost will chase after you whenever too much time is spent idling in an easy area scavenging for points or extra lives.

Having a key in tow protects you from shots coming from behind, and you can also grind against the wall by trying to turn before reaching the next corner in a maze. Grinding rewards you with a speed boost and limited invincibility against the enemies, although too much grinding will cause our hero to spontaneously combust from excessive storage of grind power.

Bug-eyed monsters aren't the only enemies that you'll encounter in Forget-Me-Not. Some enemies split into two when attacked, others will explode in a matter of seconds after being shot at, and you will definitely want to stay away from difficult adversaries like wizards that constantly launch fireballs at you regardless of where you're positioned in a dungeon. Not only do monsters try to kill you, they will steal your key and run away with it if you allow them too, meaning more time wasted in chasing them down to retrieve the only item that will unlock the magical doorway to the next level.

Fantastic as it is, Forget-Me-Not does have a few flaws that keeps it from being a straight-out purchase recommendation to all retro classic fans. The swipe control method implemented here is a constant source of frustration to many, simply because it doesn't work well enough when trying to detect precise movements and quick turn command inputs from the player. The game also exhibits annoying performance issues when played on older Apple iDevices, and there's no lite version on the App Store to try out for interested parties who are on the fence about purchasing the game based on word-of-mouth praises and playthrough videos.

The developer had promised PC and Mac ports of Forget-Me-Not in the coming weeks, but until then you can find the game currently being sold on the App Store at a really affordable price of $1.99.