Oh jeez. Remember that one time when everyone was talking about that Game Dev Story, and you thought hey, one little iPhone game can't hurt. And then you were playing it into the early hours of the morning, and you couldn't stop, and life stopped for a while? Kairosoft are back to make it happen all over again.

Take the game development away, and replace it with Japanese spa management. This is Hot Springs Story, and while it doesn't have the intense pull that Game Dev Story did, it's still just as addictive. You place down areas for customers to sleep, bath, eat and play, and then watch the money roll in. Over time, you'll be able to invest money in outside projects to boost the economy, and take part in magazine competitions to have the best spa in the country.

There's not as much customization as Game Dev Story in terms of giving things names - I personally think that was a huge pull to the first game - but it's still very much worth grabbing. There's a special introductory price of $3.99 for an undisclosed amount of time, so make sure you pick it up soon from the App Store.