When you play a lot of indie games, you get used to things trying to kill you all over the place. This recent obsession with the revitalization of old school difficulty curves that start off hard and stretch to hair-wrenching proportions is, in my book, a beautiful thing. Indeed, some of my favourite games of the last couple of years have also been the ones that made me swear and scream the most.

KRUNCH tricked me. The first dozen or so levels were seemingly not too hard to handle and, although I died a few times, I was left thinking 'pfft, this ain't all that'. Then the walls started moving faster, the number of enemies increased, and those deadly saws got in my way one too many times - yet I still careered on, refusing to let such simple obstacles beat me.

Yep, it's another nasty one. Pressing Z allows your character to boost, which is essential on later levels where time is short and space is tight. However, boosting rapidly reduces your health, and you need to be alive when you reach the exit. Oh, but your health is always decreasing as well. You know, just to screw you over that little bit more.

KRUNCH is currently up for sponsorship and is due for release very soon in a web browser near you.