Following the warm reception of 180 for iOS by Headcase Games, beginning today the puzzler is also available for the Android mobile platform for free. 180 for Android has been retooled with higher-resolution visuals and increased framerates.

Gameplay sees rows of color-coded tiles gradually descending from above. Line up three or more adjacent tiles of the same color and they disappear. Clear space by flipping tiles to reveal a different color underneath, or by shooting tiles one at a time from below. Both actions involve tapping the screen.

Ron Alpert, the head of Headcase, previously worked at Obsidian and Activision before taking the plunge as an indie. He's spoken on the pros and cons of blazing one's own trail, most recently at the PAX Prime 2010 session "Going Indie." You can also find Ron's frequently featured Retro Game of the Day column on Gamasutra Blogs.

180 is currently seeking to connect with a wide audience through an innovative campaign: Purchase the Ultra edition for a low price, or play the free edition of the game for ten hours to unlock all the Ultra content and disable ads.