This is an old one (three years old, in fact), but it's really good and I couldn't resist making this a browser game pick for the week. Starting today you can play puzzles for Chocolate Castle designed by other users at Lexaloffle's BBS page, but because the commercial version is still being sold you won't have access to any of the 120 levels from the original game. That's still 53 free levels (and counting) which you are able to play, and if you've managed to finish a large chunk of it then helping to support the developer a bit by buying the commercial version can't be too much to ask for.

The concept of the game is pretty clever: each level presents one to four types of animals that can only eat chocolate pieces matching the colour of their skin tone, and they'll disappear immediately from the board after having their fill regardless of whether there are other chocolate pieces still undevoured or not. Chocolate pieces of the same color have to be connected if you want an animal to eat them all in one go, and since tiles and blocks will stick together if two of the same kind is placed next to one another, it's up to you to figure out how to move blocks around tight passageways and get them to their intended targets in order to solve a puzzle correctly.

The latest puzzles submitted are on the last page of the BBS thread, and you can start playing any of them by clicking on the 'Play' link just below the title of each puzzle.