Though quick to inform the world that they aren't 'really a studio' but 'three friends who are trying to make some games' in their free time, streetlight studios somehow managed to produce a pretty formidable first game.

Unearthed by Ludus Novus, Convergence has been described as a blend of 'Passage', 'Pathways' and 'How to Raise a Dragon' - minus the scales, it's a pretty good description for this surprisingly deep Flash game. In a nutshell, Convergence is one of those 'what if' life sims that will have you making crucial decisions for the protagonist. As a baby, you will find yourself fighting with your sibling for control of toys. As an adult, you will juggle love and work and finally, in the sunset of your virtual life, you'll see the results of your selections.

Though some of the endings are rather straightforward, others offer something more. It won't be obvious if you only play through the game only once or twice but if you sit down with Convergence long enough, it's likely you'll find yourself charmed by the way everything seems to click together.

Play it here on Kongregate.