Time management has never been a major concern in the world of adventure games. Well, not since a certain King's Quest installment, at least. But then again, what Sierra had us doing way back in the way isn't quite the same as the approach that Cellar Door Games had taken with I Have 1 Day.

In case it wasn't obvious before, you literally only do have one day here. Everything is measured in hours - a pretty unique spin given that most adventure games will have you wandering hopefully around in circles. As a fan of the genre, I found it disorienting to have that liberty taken away from you. More than once, I found myself cursing quietly when a haphazardous guess fell short and precious hours were burned for nothing. Fortunately, however, I Have 1 Day keeps tabs on your progress and allows you an infinite amount of attempts.

Beautifully 8-bit in design, 1 Have 1 Day is played entirely with the mouse. You'll spend most of your time working with both your inventory and your surroundings; standard procedure for any modern adventure game, really. The story itself is pretty standard as well. You've been thrown into prison to keep you away from a certain coronation. Unsurprisingly, you also have no idea why thanks to a convenient case of amnesia. The objective is simple: get out, get your memories, get to the coronation.

As generic as that might sound, it isn't. The game is filled with clever dialogue and more than one unique puzzle. The developers also seem somewhat shameless about breaking the fourth wall, something that I find absolutely wonderful.

If you have no clue as to how to start your Saturday morning or have this overwhelming need to do something prior to Portal 2, I would totally recommend giving 1 Have 1 Day at least one playthrough. Heck, I would recommend the game regardless of any prior commitments you might have. You probably won't regret it.

Play it here on Max Games.