Who doesn't like starting their Monday with a bang? Or, well, a well-polished katana and a quiver full of hurt. Seeing as how it's generally considered socially unacceptable to show up at your office with a bagful of weapons, Straw Hat Samurai, old as it might be, provides the perfect alternative to your need for Monday mayhem.

In a nutshell, you play as a samurai who looks suspiciously like, uh, Samurai Jack - straw hat, robes and all. Your job, obviously enough, is to take down as many unsuspecting opponents as you can. Unlike most 2D titles of a similar nature, you won't do much button mashing here. Instead, Straw Hat Samurai will have you drawing lines with the mouse button to plot the trajectory of your sword strokes. It's extremely simple to do but rather satisfying; there's nothing quite like watching your character turn into a blur and decapacitate five people in a row.

As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to acquire upgrades and even a bow. I didn't get the chance to play too far into the game. However, based on the comments, it seems that Straw Hat Samurai also comes with bosses. Blood, stylish deaths, arrows and swords - what's there not to like?

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