Warlock Card is an unorthodox defense game that mixes RPG and card-based strategy elements together, featuring thirty short waves to play through as you attempt to defend your kingdom from an invasion of orcs and trolls. You assume the role of a powerful wizard who has the capacity to remember just four spells in his mind, standing firm against whatever adversities that the enemy force decides to send your way.

The player is rewarded with a new spell for every wave of enemies defeated, although you'd have to choose them from a random set of three spell cards with varying properties. The green overlay marks the range of the spell, and the alphabets (S and M) indicate whether only one or multiple targets will be damaged when the spell is cast.

The numbers at the bottom right corner of every scroll show the damage and cooldown period for a spell. Though most spells can be cast without any cost, some will require one or more magic points when conjured by the wizard.

If your card slots are full, then the oldest card will always be replaced with the newest one. Spells are divided into three categories: fire, lightning and ice. The more often you use a spell, the more powerful it becomes.

Warlock Card can be found here.